Past Life Explorations

Learn about my Past Life Workshops Have you ever gone somewhere and felt that you have already been there? Did you know facts about that place- but didn’t know how? Did you ever meet someone that you know you’ve never actually met but you still feel like you know them some how? Depending on your… [Read more]



Reiki (pronounced “Ray” “Key”) is a spiritual healing practice founded by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Through a technique commonly known as “laying of the hands”, healing energy or “ki” or “chi” is moved through the practitioners body onto the client providing healing, relaxation and so much more. Reiki is a wonderful way to… [Read more]


Guided Meditations

When people feel like they want to explore, but do not want “therapy” a guided meditation is an option. This is a place to go usually to experience hightened awareness or a oneness with themselves or ”higher selves”.  There are countless meditations out there for those who are willing and ready to explore. There is body… [Read more]


Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Smoking

Does it really work and how? Yes it does…very much so. What people don’t often realize or admit is that they eat in excess or smoke because of stress. As we all know, stress can come from many places but it can lead into an out of control habit when we are looking for comfort,… [Read more]



Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that takes place while in hypnosis. This is usually done in order to get a better handle on emotions, achieve goals of all types and variations.  Its helps a client to change habits, find resolution and to accomplish goals which they feel are holding them back in their life. Hypnotherapy… [Read more]