29 Day Giving Challenge

Last September I learned about something that changed my life. It showed me what can happen in and how you can “change your frequency in your life” by simply giving to another person. I learned about a movement called “29-Day Giving Challenge” which was started by Cami Walker and has become a worldwide phenomenon reaching 38 countries. Cami’s original goal was to have 2000 people by 9/29/08 to commit to 29 consecutive days of giving. One thing per day – anything you want, no matter how big or little it is. Whether it’s a flower or 10 dozen flowers, whether it’s a simple smile or holding a door for someone, lending your ear to a friend- it’s a give. And to do these things and hopefully more as your commitment progresses – with an open heart and mindfulness really does change your life. It has certainly changed mine and thousands of others all over the world who have participated. I am now in the beginning of Round 3 and I am so happy to be back and a part of something so amazing. I look forward to ‘kicking it up a notch” in my second half of this round and this is where the fun begins! I challenge you my friends- to challenge yourself. Amazing things will happen in your life- I can promise you that. Visit www.29gifts.org today to find out more about it! And don’t forget to look me up as well !

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