“Life is Too Short” Really??

Everyone knows the saying ”Life Is Too Short”. We know it, we’ve said it… ‘Life is too short to not do this or to think about that or to let this bother you…”. Honestly, I disagree completely- I think it’s the exact opposite.

In a positive way I say “Life Is Too Long…” Too long to live with overwhelming sadness, too long not to change something that’s holding you back, too long to hide in a corner and not let the people in your life and the universe benefit from the amazing true person that you really are and meant to be. Because if you are living this way- doesn’t a day seem like forever? Does life at times seem hopeless? Now what if you never persevered and stayed like this throughout your life? Waaay too long if you ask me.

As we settle info the crispness of fall- preparing for the cold of winter – maybe we should take a lesson from nature. Even in the winter, nature takes a break- rests- rejuvenates and then morphs into the beauty of spring. What if we are supposed to do the same? While inside trying to stay warm this winter, take some time to envision your true self and maybe some things that you want to work on or change. Then take the steps to do so-the good news is, once you’ve thought about it- you’ve already started the process and that’s one of the biggest steps. There is so many ways to create change in your life-(and I will be talking about that in more detail in my upcoming blogs) coming up with a plan and following through- enlist the help that you need and envision your end result are just a few. Don’t dwell about all of the work it will take to accomplish the change you want- that will attract more work- just focus on your end result. I’m not saying go with no plan at all- just don’t dwell on it. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling to “wake up” this spring as a changed person? Feeling better about life knowing that you have made the best change you could possibly make by making yourself happy in some way??? Finding even the smallest piece of your true self can make the biggest difference. Why not? What would you have to lose? Or more importantly- what would you have to gain?

Shed your old skin this winter and do some work, and allow yourself to morph into the person you really want to be- and make Spring of 2011 the best, most memorable one ever!

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