Messages From the Masters 4-5-6

This book is truly amazing and is packed with such great tools and lessons about life. From The Masters, Dr Weiss states that our main source of learning is through our relationships with people in our lives. So to refer back to my earlier blog “Something to ponder” Dr Weiss states that we do plan our lives prior to coming down to earth and what lessons we will learn and who we will learn them with. And I find myself asking again, “What if??” For me, if this is true, and I happen to believe that it is, then when I look at the hard times in my life or relationships that I struggled with they all seem like gifts. With this gratitude comes an openness and offers something very positive to a place that is seen by many as so negative. It seems that the hard times in our lives really are meant to be worked through and when looking at these times as opportunities and envisioning the end result as a positive one only good can come from it. Really, it’s all in your perspective. Depends on what you choose.

Which brings me to my next lesson …choosing how long we want to be angry. (What did she say???) According to Dr Weiss “Love is constant; anger is transient”. He also states that anger, hate and all negativity is a learned trait. So what we should do is look at that anger and realize that if it normally would take us say maybe a day to get over something….why not shorten it to ½ a day. And if you can foresee that, why not make it a few hours … and so on. If we relearn almost how not to be angry, and therefore lessening our time of anger, there is more room to be positive and loving and the things that used to make you angry will not anymore! Quite a concept huh? This is not a one day process but it takes only 1 day to start it and to reap the benefits. Again- What if??? What would your life be like if you removed your anger? Anger is really judgment and the desire to control. When someone doesn’t act or live up to our standards, with our judgment, we get angry. So what if you picked 1 person that you feel a steady stream of anger towards, we all have this person and you look at what you are judging them for. This is not an easy thing for most people to do.  Normally folks don’t like to look at what they might be doing wrong for some reason it’s just too upsetting. Rather than allowing themselves to learn and grow in this area would be so beneficial- otherwise- the anger and disappointment will reside continually.

These are only a few of the key points that stood out for me in these 3 chapters-its really hard for me to pick out just a few because there’s so much useful information. There is one last thing that I will leave you with that Dr Weiss stated. I think it’s very powerful.
“Forgiveness is not forgetting. It’s understanding.”  I think that the key point in this is what exactly we are understanding. Maybe it has something to do with what you need to forgive, but even more so, it’s understanding the lesson for you in the situation at hand. The higher lesson for your true self to be able to evolve. Maybe it’s the pathway to emotional growth and freedom!

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