Messages from The Masters Chap 7 to the End

I am going to be honest, I finished this book and have started Dr Brian Weiss’s second book Only Love Is Real. But I will stay on track before I get too ahead of myself …even though- for me personally, Only Love Is Real is capturing me more than “Messages”…..oh its gooood!

From chapter 7 on is all about love. The importance of love and how to manifest it, nurture it and put it first in our lives and the benefits of doing so. It also talks about how the lack of love in the world and what it is doing to us on a daily and global level. Ive heard people say before that we humans are destroying the planet with our hate and war and just plain lack of human kindness. According to Dr Weiss if we replace our fear, hate and anger with simple acts of love and compassion that the energy around us as a whole will get better. It really does start with a simple decision. In return we would receive so much. We could be feeding our souls the empowerment that we feel we sometimes lack and the support of our great universe. I know for me, when I take the time to acknowledge those around me with love and just simple human kindness I cannot but feel good. I little smile or an opening of a door goes a very long way. And lets not forget about what we would be showing our children. We as parents are their biggest influence. So what would you rather teach your kids? Not to smile at a stranger or hold a door for them or to be angry and slam the door in the face of human kindness whether its to themselves or to others?
There is one more thing that I have to talk about before closing the chapter on this book and that is the uncovering of our “soul circles” or “spiritual families” that is described in this book through the examples of Dr Weiss’s clients while in hypnosis.

These to me are the best parts of the book. Although I learn so much throughout this book the excerpts from his sessions with clients are the “bread and butter” to me as a hypnotist as well as a person who has a huge interest in this whole topic. Dr Weiss gives excerpts throughout his whole book of these sessions and again to me, they are beyond interesting. His clients find that there are people that they recognize from their current lives but in past lives they are completely different. The belief is that we have the “spiritual families” or “soul circles” in which people reoccur in our lives, in different lifetimes but the question is why?? It simply goes back to learning our lessons. After our souls have rested and we are ready to return to earth and do more work, we “chart” our life. We decide, with the help of our spirit guides, what lessons we will learn and who we will learn them with. Sometimes there are feelings that resonate with this person because our souls recognize each other while or earthly bodies do not. While in hypnosis you are able to see the person and recognize who they are to you in all lifetimes but even more-so you are able to see the lesson that is to be learned and why. This clarity is almost beyond describing because it’s almost an instant understanding of something that is usually so hard to go through as a human being. While in hypnosis, whether you speak to your Masters or your spirit guides, whether you address topics in this life or those past, there is so much to be learned and really benefitted from. We can get a glimpse into what our soul is up to and even more-so, get a greater understanding of our lives not just as a human, but as a being as well.

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