Something to Ponder

There are so many ways to think about life and everyone has their own unique opinion…..but I came across something today that consumed my thoughts for a while… I thought I’d share…

There are some of us who believe in several lives, some who think that these lives have an effect on our future lives….and even  moreso- think that all of these lives have a greater purpose. That every conversation, every person, every day fueled the goal of our higher purpose….

But what about the possibility that we choose our lives before we come here?

SO, here is my thought….even when you are going through a rough time in your life, maybe WORSE than rough…maybe youre dealing with horrible trauma or your “mid process” with something very painful…the human side of us feels the pain or the sadness or the anger with the situation, it’s normal.  But what about the ‘being” inside the ‘human being” ? What if the being can look at this horrible deck you have as a hand of opportunity? Shouldn’t we listen to and honor that side as well? My thought is that if we planned our lives ahead of time, wouldn’t we give ourselves something that we can learn and grow from? If you believe in God or whatever you choose to call Him or Her…would God really let you set yourself up for something that you are not supposed to recover from? Or are these lessons that we are presented with, no matter how big or how small, meant to be processed and perservered?  So for whatever it is that night be holding you back in your life-try to find the “being” inside of you that can help you process it- if you ask- and then listen- you just might be able to see, even for a split second, that you are not meant to be stuck permanently. But youre are really meant to dive in, work through and succeed past what is holding you back. What if?????????

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