Affirmation Of Realization

Below is a beautiful affirmation that I found about 6 months ago…Ive incorporated it in with most of my sessions since then. Hope you enjoy…

An Affirmation Of Realization

“At the innermost level of my being, I am serenely peaceful.
I am completely fulfilled, soul-satisfied.
No longer blinded by delusions, I know what is true.
No loner confused by illusions, I see what is real.

Established in the Infinite
I live effectively with flawless skill and easy grace.
I knowledgeably cooperate with the supportive laws
Of nature and spontaneously demonstrate total wellness.

Once the journey of soul recovery is begun in earnest
Life itself conspires to support us.
It is up to us to learn to cooperate with it.

For one who is surrendered to this
A change in consciousness is inevitable.
It comes like the approaching dawn.
There is a long time in the dark, then slowly,
Barely perceptible changes occur …
Until finally the entire landscape of our life
… illumined.”
Ellen Grace O’Brian
A Single Blade Of Grass:
Finding The Sacred In Everyday Life (2002)

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