The Time Is Now…

Hello and welcome to all. I hope the beginning of everyone’s
2013 has gotten off to a great start. Now that 2012 and off of its hoopla and
the most depressing day of 2013 (always the third Monday of January) is behind
us, its time to start wrapping up what we started to work on this winter and
get ready to spring into spring!

You haven’t started??? Great! Then you’re late right along
with me so lets do this together….Ive had countless conversations with friends
and clients about the energy that’s going on and more importantly…what to do
next? Well I am here to tell you my friends- whatever it is- just do it. Allow
yourself to be you. Do what you feel you are meant to do-feel what you feel and
own it- be grateful for it mo matter what the feeling- it’s a gift.  And to answer the next question of  HOW…I am going to tell you. It’s something I
have been doing on a small scale (if that is possible) for a very long time now
and I am learning how to bring this energy, this tool, this manifesting into my
daily life. It doesn’t matter if you know what steps to take (that you’re not
taking) or not- I’m going to tell you an even better way to get there through

Simply, as much as
you can, put your mind in a place where you have already received what it is
that you want, or doing what you love and are already receiving the benefits
from it beyond your wildest dreams…and then some…. If its money- don’t try to
figure out how you’re going to get it- retrain your thinking and see yourself
having plenty of money- in abundance..AND THEN SOME!! Taking the trips you want
and coming home and telling everyone how great it was. Looking at amazing
pictures ect. , big houses donating millions- whatever you choose- you don’t
have to meditate for hours. Just be in the feeling of this abundance – once you
have achieved it and your feelings start to shift-take a breath- change a
thought- move a muscle- because you have just created the vibration and communication
with the universe that you are ready to receive all that you just envisioned.
It’s truly that easy. It’s not magic- its energy. And I want you to know its
here in abundance and its here for YOU.

We manifest everything we’ve ever had and ever will have
through our thoughts. The good, the bad and the ugly. The key is to recognize
the good abundant thoughts and keep them going in ”in the light of day” (as I
call it) and taking simply moments a day to realign your body mind and spirit
and open up to receiving.

So in short- put yourself in the mindset as much as possible
that you are already where you want to be and benefitting from it. Be there.
And the second you start to think about how that’s going to happen – change a
thought and move a muscle. Your order has been placed. You will see that the
universe will open up ways for you to begin to receive. If you do this in a
meditative state, that is great- or just in a peaceful mindset….

We all have the ability to manifest…why not learn how we do
this and use it to your advantage?!?!? The time is now my friends…this I know!


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