About Denise

I often get asked how I found hypnosis… the truth is, it found me…

I was trying to find a way to make progress in my life and remove some things that were holding me back. So one day I asked for a sign as to how I could work through it all and I saw an article on hypnosis and its benefits and the rest is history as they say!

A week later I had my first session and it changed my life in immeasurable ways. With a new and much clearer understanding I was able to not only work through what had been going on but I was lucky enough to find a whole new path in life. One I had always known would show up, it was just a matter of when. I realized that my life long knowing that I would be able to help people work through their issues (I really prefer to call them “situations”) was finally becoming a reality and it was through hypnotherapy.

It was only a matter of time before I found The NY Hypnosis Center in Queens NY and completed my certification in Hypnotherapy.  This was the first stop in learning countless techniques and pathways to helping my clients move past whatever is holding them back in their lives and becoming their true selves inside…and out.

I have witnessed over and over the amazing healing and empowerment that is found while in Hypnosis. I encourage anyone that wants to make a change in their life, improve upon themselves, anyone that is suffering from loss or overwhelming emotions to consider Hypnosis as a tool. It is a widely used, safe and reliable method for seeing truth and answers to your life that only you can hold!