The Time Is Now…

Hello and welcome to all. I hope the beginning of everyone’s
2013 has gotten off to a great start. Now that 2012 and off of its hoopla and
the most depressing day of 2013 (always the third Monday of January) is behind
us, its time to start wrapping up what we started to work on this winter and
get ready to spring into spring!

You haven’t started??? Great! Then you’re late right along
with me so lets do this together….Ive had countless conversations with friends
and clients about the energy that’s going on and more importantly…what to do
next? Well I am here to tell you my friends- whatever it is- just do it. Allow
yourself to be you. Do what you feel you are meant to do-feel what you feel and
own it- be grateful for it mo matter what the feeling- it’s a gift.  And to answer the next question of  HOW…I am going to tell you. It’s something I
have been doing on a small scale (if that is possible) for a very long time now
and I am learning how to bring this energy, this tool, this manifesting into my
daily life. It doesn’t matter if you know what steps to take (that you’re not
taking) or not- I’m going to tell you an even better way to get there through

Simply, as much as
you can, put your mind in a place where you have already received what it is
that you want, or doing what you love and are already receiving the benefits
from it beyond your wildest dreams…and then some…. If its money- don’t try to
figure out how you’re going to get it- retrain your thinking and see yourself
having plenty of money- in abundance..AND THEN SOME!! Taking the trips you want
and coming home and telling everyone how great it was. Looking at amazing
pictures ect. , big houses donating millions- whatever you choose- you don’t
have to meditate for hours. Just be in the feeling of this abundance – once you
have achieved it and your feelings start to shift-take a breath- change a
thought- move a muscle- because you have just created the vibration and communication
with the universe that you are ready to receive all that you just envisioned.
It’s truly that easy. It’s not magic- its energy. And I want you to know its
here in abundance and its here for YOU.

We manifest everything we’ve ever had and ever will have
through our thoughts. The good, the bad and the ugly. The key is to recognize
the good abundant thoughts and keep them going in ”in the light of day” (as I
call it) and taking simply moments a day to realign your body mind and spirit
and open up to receiving.

So in short- put yourself in the mindset as much as possible
that you are already where you want to be and benefitting from it. Be there.
And the second you start to think about how that’s going to happen – change a
thought and move a muscle. Your order has been placed. You will see that the
universe will open up ways for you to begin to receive. If you do this in a
meditative state, that is great- or just in a peaceful mindset….

We all have the ability to manifest…why not learn how we do
this and use it to your advantage?!?!? The time is now my friends…this I know!


Affirmation Of Realization

Below is a beautiful affirmation that I found about 6 months ago…Ive incorporated it in with most of my sessions since then. Hope you enjoy…

An Affirmation Of Realization

“At the innermost level of my being, I am serenely peaceful.
I am completely fulfilled, soul-satisfied.
No longer blinded by delusions, I know what is true.
No loner confused by illusions, I see what is real.

Established in the Infinite
I live effectively with flawless skill and easy grace.
I knowledgeably cooperate with the supportive laws
Of nature and spontaneously demonstrate total wellness.

Once the journey of soul recovery is begun in earnest
Life itself conspires to support us.
It is up to us to learn to cooperate with it.

For one who is surrendered to this
A change in consciousness is inevitable.
It comes like the approaching dawn.
There is a long time in the dark, then slowly,
Barely perceptible changes occur …
Until finally the entire landscape of our life
… illumined.”
Ellen Grace O’Brian
A Single Blade Of Grass:
Finding The Sacred In Everyday Life (2002)

Now Seeing Clients in Nyack, NY

I am excited to announce that, on Thursdays, effective immediately I will be seeing clients at The Birchwood Center for Yoga and Massage in Nyack, NY!

I found Birchwood about 13 years ago and it is a wonderful place to work on your yoga practice. Charlene and Besty have created a wonderful and peaceful environment that you can feel the second you step foot on the studio floor. It is an honor for me to be a part of this great environment and I am truly grateful to be there! Birchwood is located at 85 South Broadway Nyack NY.

So that being said, whatever changes you are ready to make, hypnosis is an amazing and life changing tool to help you get started on a whole new happier and healthier path in your life.  Contact me today to set up an appointment or to find out more about how Hypnosis, Guided Meditation and Reiki can help you achieve any goal that you might have today!

Radio Commercial

I am thrilled to announce that on Tues Feb 15 WFAS Radio Stations 103.9 106.3 FM and 1230 AM will be airing a commercial all day for yours truly! There is a half off promotion going on through their station that I am proudly taking part in.

***Listen for details on Tues Feb 15 for how to win and purchase  gift certificates for half off for a Hypnotherapy Session or Past Life Exploration!***

Mid Winter Recess

So here we are, 1 month into the year, about 5 or 6 snowstorms in and if you’re like me, you’re already struggling somewhat to stay motivated. Sure, the first few weeks of the year, I was moving mountains…then somewhere about the third week, the massive energy seemed to dissipate.  I actually read recently that the third Monday of the year is always one of the most depressing days  and when I thought about it, I realized that it really does make a lot of sense.

Anyone that does “process work” is familiar with what we call “the rubber band effect”. You reach this wonderful and unexplainable empowering level of consciousness; you resolve old issues and start anew with a whole new outlook on life.  Then sometime in the upcoming week or 2 there is the contraction. You wonder “Did that really happen?” Obviously, it did, but this is a normal human reaction. The ebb and flow of being human and perfectly imperfect can sometimes psych us out. However, just having the simple awareness of what it is you are going through can make all the difference in the world.
So during our “midwinter recess” while we’re stuck at home shoveling, rearranging our schedules and drying our snowsuits waiting for the change in season to “feel better”  or get motivated again. Don’t waste your time thinking about what you’re not getting done because that will just attract more non-motivation. Instead, while drinking that hot coco, think about where you’ve been and how you got there. Give yourself credit for taking risks and setting goals, no matter how big or how small. Allow yourself to regroup and move onward. For some reason, maybe we are meant to be in this reflective time. Maybe Mother Earth wants us to listen…to her…to ourselves…who knows. What ever the case may be, do your best to stay motivated and when you need some extra motivation take some time to turn inward. Listen to your self, your true self, your higher being. Remember the path you are on, even though its being delayed with the snow we are having, you will still get there…just not at the pace you had planned. And know that is alright….you are always where you are meant to be. The beauty of it is you always have the power to change it if you really want to. *Enjoy my friends*

True Self 2011

I have challenged myself in going with my gut and proceeding with this weeks meditation “Manifesting and Exploring Your True Self.”  Easier thought than done…but I did come up with something that I believe my clients and friends will find clarifying and empowering.

Anyone who knows me, knows that sometime over that last few years, I, myself, have come in touch with what “true self” means to me (and I could talk for days about it.) Even though for me, my definition is clear as it stands (with the beauty of the unknown still intact as well) I find it hard to put into words for other people as our perceptions may be similar but not exact. I found what I am looking for in this meditation is not to define true self but to help others seek it out, to manifest it and to make it present in their everyday life. When I started to take that route…it did become easier.
While in hypnosis, simply a relaxed state of mind, we are in tune with our true self- the self with no inhibitions, the self that is willing to work even through the most fearful of things, the self that might see the fear but can over come anything with the courage that is stored within. This is also the side of you that honors the being in the human and can help to accomplish goals beyond our wildest dreams. Whether its weight loss, smoking, fears, stress, coping with loss or searching for your true self, the being that you are while in hypnosis can be a great starting point to manifest and bring your true self forward. While in hypnosis, you are not concerned about what for lunch, or what needs to be done in the weeks and months ahead. You are giving yourself the opportunity to be the clearest that you can be by looking within yourself. Some people embrace this, some are tempted, some run from it- and that’s ok- everyone and everything in its time.

But I will ask you this…with all of the struggles that we endure in this lifetime, wouldn’t it be great to be able to handle them coming from the truest person you can be? Imagine everyday coming from that wonderfully grounded yet perfectly connected place with peace in your mind, body and spirit. Imagine a life where the difficult situations are handled with a confident sense of self worth and inner knowledge rather than from a place of anger or the need to protect. I do feel that one of our life’s biggest lessons is to be able to uncover this “true self”. Why would we even want to hide it if we know the beauty that lies beneath?  Do we really want to take up the time and energy that’s required in literally holding ourselves back? With a new month, and new year staring us in the face, for all of those who are looking to make a change for the better…I challenge you in what ever way works for you, to seek out your true self…it  might be a process but I can tell you this- It will be worth it! This I know ….

Happy 2011 my friends-be well….

“Life is Too Short” Really??

Everyone knows the saying ”Life Is Too Short”. We know it, we’ve said it… ‘Life is too short to not do this or to think about that or to let this bother you…”. Honestly, I disagree completely- I think it’s the exact opposite.

In a positive way I say “Life Is Too Long…” Too long to live with overwhelming sadness, too long not to change something that’s holding you back, too long to hide in a corner and not let the people in your life and the universe benefit from the amazing true person that you really are and meant to be. Because if you are living this way- doesn’t a day seem like forever? Does life at times seem hopeless? Now what if you never persevered and stayed like this throughout your life? Waaay too long if you ask me.

As we settle info the crispness of fall- preparing for the cold of winter – maybe we should take a lesson from nature. Even in the winter, nature takes a break- rests- rejuvenates and then morphs into the beauty of spring. What if we are supposed to do the same? While inside trying to stay warm this winter, take some time to envision your true self and maybe some things that you want to work on or change. Then take the steps to do so-the good news is, once you’ve thought about it- you’ve already started the process and that’s one of the biggest steps. There is so many ways to create change in your life-(and I will be talking about that in more detail in my upcoming blogs) coming up with a plan and following through- enlist the help that you need and envision your end result are just a few. Don’t dwell about all of the work it will take to accomplish the change you want- that will attract more work- just focus on your end result. I’m not saying go with no plan at all- just don’t dwell on it. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling to “wake up” this spring as a changed person? Feeling better about life knowing that you have made the best change you could possibly make by making yourself happy in some way??? Finding even the smallest piece of your true self can make the biggest difference. Why not? What would you have to lose? Or more importantly- what would you have to gain?

Shed your old skin this winter and do some work, and allow yourself to morph into the person you really want to be- and make Spring of 2011 the best, most memorable one ever!

Messages from The Masters Chap 7 to the End

I am going to be honest, I finished this book and have started Dr Brian Weiss’s second book Only Love Is Real. But I will stay on track before I get too ahead of myself …even though- for me personally, Only Love Is Real is capturing me more than “Messages”…..oh its gooood!

From chapter 7 on is all about love. The importance of love and how to manifest it, nurture it and put it first in our lives and the benefits of doing so. It also talks about how the lack of love in the world and what it is doing to us on a daily and global level. Ive heard people say before that we humans are destroying the planet with our hate and war and just plain lack of human kindness. According to Dr Weiss if we replace our fear, hate and anger with simple acts of love and compassion that the energy around us as a whole will get better. It really does start with a simple decision. In return we would receive so much. We could be feeding our souls the empowerment that we feel we sometimes lack and the support of our great universe. I know for me, when I take the time to acknowledge those around me with love and just simple human kindness I cannot but feel good. I little smile or an opening of a door goes a very long way. And lets not forget about what we would be showing our children. We as parents are their biggest influence. So what would you rather teach your kids? Not to smile at a stranger or hold a door for them or to be angry and slam the door in the face of human kindness whether its to themselves or to others?
There is one more thing that I have to talk about before closing the chapter on this book and that is the uncovering of our “soul circles” or “spiritual families” that is described in this book through the examples of Dr Weiss’s clients while in hypnosis.

These to me are the best parts of the book. Although I learn so much throughout this book the excerpts from his sessions with clients are the “bread and butter” to me as a hypnotist as well as a person who has a huge interest in this whole topic. Dr Weiss gives excerpts throughout his whole book of these sessions and again to me, they are beyond interesting. His clients find that there are people that they recognize from their current lives but in past lives they are completely different. The belief is that we have the “spiritual families” or “soul circles” in which people reoccur in our lives, in different lifetimes but the question is why?? It simply goes back to learning our lessons. After our souls have rested and we are ready to return to earth and do more work, we “chart” our life. We decide, with the help of our spirit guides, what lessons we will learn and who we will learn them with. Sometimes there are feelings that resonate with this person because our souls recognize each other while or earthly bodies do not. While in hypnosis you are able to see the person and recognize who they are to you in all lifetimes but even more-so you are able to see the lesson that is to be learned and why. This clarity is almost beyond describing because it’s almost an instant understanding of something that is usually so hard to go through as a human being. While in hypnosis, whether you speak to your Masters or your spirit guides, whether you address topics in this life or those past, there is so much to be learned and really benefitted from. We can get a glimpse into what our soul is up to and even more-so, get a greater understanding of our lives not just as a human, but as a being as well.

Messages From the Masters 4-5-6

This book is truly amazing and is packed with such great tools and lessons about life. From The Masters, Dr Weiss states that our main source of learning is through our relationships with people in our lives. So to refer back to my earlier blog “Something to ponder” Dr Weiss states that we do plan our lives prior to coming down to earth and what lessons we will learn and who we will learn them with. And I find myself asking again, “What if??” For me, if this is true, and I happen to believe that it is, then when I look at the hard times in my life or relationships that I struggled with they all seem like gifts. With this gratitude comes an openness and offers something very positive to a place that is seen by many as so negative. It seems that the hard times in our lives really are meant to be worked through and when looking at these times as opportunities and envisioning the end result as a positive one only good can come from it. Really, it’s all in your perspective. Depends on what you choose.

Which brings me to my next lesson …choosing how long we want to be angry. (What did she say???) According to Dr Weiss “Love is constant; anger is transient”. He also states that anger, hate and all negativity is a learned trait. So what we should do is look at that anger and realize that if it normally would take us say maybe a day to get over something….why not shorten it to ½ a day. And if you can foresee that, why not make it a few hours … and so on. If we relearn almost how not to be angry, and therefore lessening our time of anger, there is more room to be positive and loving and the things that used to make you angry will not anymore! Quite a concept huh? This is not a one day process but it takes only 1 day to start it and to reap the benefits. Again- What if??? What would your life be like if you removed your anger? Anger is really judgment and the desire to control. When someone doesn’t act or live up to our standards, with our judgment, we get angry. So what if you picked 1 person that you feel a steady stream of anger towards, we all have this person and you look at what you are judging them for. This is not an easy thing for most people to do.  Normally folks don’t like to look at what they might be doing wrong for some reason it’s just too upsetting. Rather than allowing themselves to learn and grow in this area would be so beneficial- otherwise- the anger and disappointment will reside continually.

These are only a few of the key points that stood out for me in these 3 chapters-its really hard for me to pick out just a few because there’s so much useful information. There is one last thing that I will leave you with that Dr Weiss stated. I think it’s very powerful.
“Forgiveness is not forgetting. It’s understanding.”  I think that the key point in this is what exactly we are understanding. Maybe it has something to do with what you need to forgive, but even more so, it’s understanding the lesson for you in the situation at hand. The higher lesson for your true self to be able to evolve. Maybe it’s the pathway to emotional growth and freedom!

Messages From The Masters

Recently I have found myself getting more involved in the past life phenomenon. This is full circle for me because it is the original reason that I had become a Hypnotist in the first place. But it seemed to go on the back burner while I concentrated on hypnotherapy. I suppose that this order was crucial to my learning, and of corse no accident. That being said, I have loaded myself up on great books on the subject of past lives and who better to start with than Dr Brian Weiss! Known mostly for his work with “Catherine” in “Many Lives Many Masters” , Dr Weiss and Catherine not only learn about the effects that past lives have on our present lives- Catherine also received messages from her Masters. She learned immeasurable lessons about (her) life and why we all go through the things we go through.

I am now 3 chapters into “Messages From The Masters” and have decided to share my journey with you because the information in too amazing to pass up. This book is not just one big story but rather a compilation of many amazing experiences and lessons that are brought to Dr Weiss through his clients while in hypnosis.
I will do my best to share some of the highlights and lessons that are in this book as I read it and promise not to make it too long to read ….

So to bring you up to speed…. Who are “The Masters” anyway?

According to Dr Weiss and his findings, The Masters are “highly evolved souls not in physical form”.  While in Hypnosis a client (Catherine included) can remember everything that they experienced-however- The Masters are channeled which is a completely different source. In channeling, The Masters use a physical body to relay important messages about our lives. Most of their messages revolve around love and what it can do to empower us. According to The Masters “Love is the fulcrum of balance in our lives”. It possesses positive feelings, thoughts and actions and negates any negativity and is a true ultimate healer. Quite a concept huh?

So if you would like to read along with me- great! If not, check in on my blog and see what amazing things unfold in this book and the others to come!