Well it seems fitting that today with the launch of my new and improved website that my first blog be about gratitude.  I have so much gratitude and thanks, this would be the perfect time and place to express it.  I will do my best to work in chronological order- I am grateful first and foremost that I have found my true path in life. It has been an incredible journey. I am so grateful for my amazing husband that has supported me since day one. He might not get exactly what I do or how I do it but his help and support mean the world to me. I am grateful also to my family and friends who also have supported me and encouraged me tremendously. Your interest and words of confidence speak volumes for what you feel about me and I am truly grateful. I am grateful for the schooling that I did at the NY Hypnosis Center with Jeffrey Cohen and Paul Aurand and the great group of girls that were in the class as well. Truly an amazing experience for all of us. I also thank Bryn Blankinship. She as well as Paul and Jeff have allowed me to pick their brains and run things past them (as they said they would) since the class has ended and I appreciate it more than words can say. Your input is valuable to me, beyond words. To Jeanne Icolari at Hand of Serenity Healing- who has been an incredible mentor to me.  I did my very first Hypnosis session with Jeanne and we have been on an incredible path ever since! I am grateful for obtaining my Past life Regression Certification thru Carol Denicker at the North Shore Hypnosis Center. Another great class and life changing exploration at the end! I will definitely never forget that one.  There is no way I could forget to mention the great people at The Birchwood Center- Betsy, Charlene and Roz for always going out of their way to be so accommodating. It is truly a pleasure and an honor to be able to work in such a great space and an even better atmosphere.

You will see in my blogs to come information that relate to hypnosis, positive thinking, gratitude, affirmations, food for thought and anything that I find that would be positive and want to share. Feel free to leave your comments- I would be interested to see them……

With gratitude,