Hypnosis in History

Over decades there are many have used hypnosis to enhance performance in many different and interesting ways and have the results to prove it…..

  • Tiger Woods  used hypnosis from his early teens to help his golf game. He even uses a technique known as “anchoring” which helps him to refocus and clear his head while he is playing. It is said that he uses this technique before and during every game. Do you know what it is?
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers used hypnosis to prepare for win in Superbowl 43.
  • Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls used hypnosis (and meditation) under the recommendation of Phil Jackson- frequently called a “Zen Master.”
  • Mary Lou Retton used hypnosis prior to the 1984 Olympics- not only for focus and stamina but also to block the pain in her foot. She, as we know, won the gold.
  • Kevin McBride used hypnosis as a tool to beat Mike Tyson to win the championship. He is quoted as saying “Athletes use only 2% to 8% of their ability at any given time. What hypnosis does is send out signals to the subconscious mind that makes you leave nothing behind.”
  • The Chicago White Sox used hypnosis in 1983 and made the playoffs.
  • In the Beijing 2008 Olympics- Australian Gold Medalist Steve Hooker was cured of his fear of pole vaulting.
  • Kobe Bryant, Shaquil O’Neil and the LA Lakers won 3 Championships in a row while using hypnosis as a tool.
    and these are just to name a few…
  • Actors and other famous people throughout history have accomplished goals all through the use of hypnosis.
  • Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits used hypnosis to quit smoking
  • Kevin Costner flew in his regularly used hypnotist to help him with a sudden case of motion sickness while taping “Waterworld”.
  • Sigmund Freud was in hypnosis when he discovered the theory of modern day psychiatry.
  • Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Henry Ford are said to have used hypnosis as a tool for problem solving and creativity.