Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Smoking

Does it really work and how? Yes it does…very much so.

What people don’t often realize or admit is that they eat in excess or smoke because of stress. As we all know, stress can come from many places but it can lead into an out of control habit when we are looking for comfort, satisfaction or relief from stress. Through a series of deliberately sequential hypnosis sessions, a person is able to look beyond the day-to-day aspects of their habit and get to the root of their stress. Going forward they will be able to manage stress with a whole new, healthy frame of mind and will be free of the triggers and patterns that enable their habit to continue. All of this possible by simply moving the conscious mind aside during hypnosis and allowing the divine truth of the sub-conscious mind to emerge. Thusly allowing understanding on a higher level and more importantly improvement in one’s quality of life….

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