reikiReiki (pronounced “Ray” “Key”) is a spiritual healing practice founded by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Through a technique commonly known as “laying of the hands”, healing energy or “ki” or “chi” is moved through the practitioners body onto the client providing healing, relaxation and so much more.
Reiki is a wonderful way to help move and clear out unwanted stress and energy. It helps with physical injuries and emotional blockages as well. After a Reiki session, clients often feel lighter, grounded, relaxed and a unique sense of awareness which could last hours, days and even weeks. One of the many great things about reiki is that is works on levels that we often are not even aware of. You body recharges and rejuvenates through this passing of energy and automatically responds to the positive and healing energy being sent. I often tell my clients that if they want to try something new and interesting, Reiki is a great place to start. While it might be less “intrusive” than hypnosis (although you can get into a hypnotic state) it can be equally as beneficial- and at times even more. Reiki can be done in a group setting known as a circle or can be done individually via a whole body reiki session. Call me today to make and appointment or to find out more details!