Rivertown Magazine Article April 2009

Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and Much More With the Power of Hypnosis

By Tom Riley in the Rivertown Magazine April Issue 2009 page 58

Denise Mastandrea-Bowler is a certified hypnotist who can help you lose weight, become a non-smoker, conquer fears and achieve your goals. Her motto is: Choose to Change…Today.

Denise told us: “When you understand hypnosis and take away the myths you can accomplish things in life. Hypnosis is a great tool for direction, peace and resolution”

“When I found hypnosis, I found my life’s work. This is what I have been looking for. It helps you to see things that are holding you back. Once you know what they are you can change your life. Hypnosis can help someone coping with loss and lack of motivation.”

Denise added: “Weight loss and smoking are always about emotions. Your body fools you into thinking you feel better. Hypnosis will get to the root of the emotion that is making you smoke or eat. “

“In hypnosis you are talking to your subconscious. You can trust yourself in hypnosis because your conscious thoughts are not in the way. You are always your true self in hypnosis.”

“I teach people how to hypnotize themselves. When you are coping with loss, people what to know that their loved ones are still with them. You can have a conversation with that loved one.”

Denise uses hypnosis to help her clients find out what is holding them back. “If you believe you will fail, you will. If you believe you will succeed, you will. Hypnosis involves putting conscious thoughts aside-giving you a few minutes of peace. You can use hypnosis to get better grades and enhance memory.

“Hypnosis involves regression, progression and parts therapy. Parts therapy is speaking to different parts of yourself, the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual.”

Denise is a graduate of the New York Hypnosis Center in Bayside Queens. Her teachers included Jeff Cohen of the New York Hypnosis Center and Paul Aurand of the Newton Institute.

She explained: ”Paul is a Master Hypnotist who travels the world. I tool 120 hours of class and study with clinics, books and practice sessions. I find with every client I help there is always something to learn.”

“You have to learn from what is impeding you from growing. You want to acquire healthier habits. If they let themselves anyone can be hypnotized. A person will never do anything under hypnosis against their will.”
“I believe regression can take us back to past lives. Dr Brian Weiss wrote, Many Lives, Many Masters. He is a therapist. He believes past lives can leave an imprint. There are scars in past lives.

“You have to find out what is blocking you from achieving your goals. I can help you ask the question and ask the answer,” said Denise.

“You can call Denise at 914-643-7884. You can email her at hypnosisbyDenise@yahoo.com. Her website is http://www.hypnosisbyDenise.com.