Rivertown Magazine Article June 2011

Hypnosis by Denise will help you fight grief, anger and other personal crises
Story and Photo by Jennifer Bonazzo Rivertown Magazine June 2011 page 42

Denise Mastandrea Bowler believes that healing others through energy work is her true calling in life.

Three years ago, Denise was trying to find the healthiest and most effective ways to sort through her own personal experiences, when fate stepped in. She asked for help from a higher power that she be led to an answer and within the same day she spotted a newspaper as for hypnosis sitting on her car seat.

After feeling the positive effects of one session, she immediately began her hypnotherapy certification at the NY Hypnosis Center in Bayside Queens. After only 3 months, she started performing hypnosis on clients and worked out of her home for 6 months.

Denise services clients with a variety of issues, including but not limited to: post traumatic stress, coping with loss, grief, anger, or even those who simply feel “stuck” on their own journeys. Many people came to her for help with anxiety, hoping for a holistic cure in this common daily struggle. But Denise is certain that within our cores, it goes deeper than just anxiety.

“We all suffer from one or more of these emotions- and it is what inside of us that causes the anxiety. The anxiety is just a symptom,” she explained.

Denise believes hypnotherapy allows the client to enter a zone of healing where usual disruption of thoughts and negative energy are kept out.
She said, “Hypnosis is an intense therapy between the client and themselves. I am a verbal guide which leads them to a mental place in which they can achieve a solution. The solution is whatever they are hoping for personally. Whether it be to quit smoking, lose weight, or just be more at peace in their lives- they are able to obtain powerful tools during the session which can be used afterwards in the light of day.”

Denise spent over ten years personally visiting the Birchwood Center in Nyack prior to starting her own business, as she enjoyed their yoga classes. She was always drawn to this massage and yoga center, as she felt it was an inviting and enlightening facility. Now that this is her current location to see clients, she couldn’t be more thrilled.

“It is a true honor to be associated with Birchwood,” she said.

More recently, Denise has expanded her services by completing the level two course in Reiki at Hands of Serenity Healing in Fishkill. Denise has always believed that Reiki was going to be a second avenue in her life, which would empower herself and her client.

Japanese Buddhist Mikai Usui developed this type of energy healing in 1922. Denise became an expert on the vibrational, non-vocal Usui branch of Reiki healing this year and will be completing its final third level of training over the next few months.
The healing tool of Reiki is used as a less intense form of therapy when compared to Hypnosis. All are welcome to undergo the service, but some of the most recent issues that Denise has addressed with Reiki include improving sleep, dealing with emotions, self destructive behavior, moving through life with ease and trust, ect. The desires of clients are the same for Reiki and Hypnosis, but the type of therapy and level of intensity they will encounter is what separates the two.

Denise begins her Reiki session by balancing her clients’ energy field in order to provide them with a complete state of relaxation. She then moves energies with her hands and the help of her healing “guides” in order to clear out the negative energy blocks within the client. According to Denise, Reiki is a valuable therapy session with or without the client verbally revealing any personal information to her.

Denise has received countless emails from clients filled with gratitude for their enormous changes post Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

Denise humbly stated, “The calling is truly beyond me. I have always picked up on other peoples energies. Now that I have learned how to protect myself while clearing other’s negative energies out, I have been able to enjoy the fulfillment of helping people heal, reach a state of relaxation, and ultimately reach their aspirations. I am just a conduit for the healing “guides”. I actually feel incredible lucky that I am able to do this for others. It is really all truly a blessing.

You may visit Denise’s website at http://www.HypnosisbyDenise.com for further information. There is a link for the WFAS radio station on the site where you may purchase a $50 gift certificate for $15. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact Denise at 914-643-7884.