Messages From The Masters

Recently I have found myself getting more involved in the past life phenomenon. This is full circle for me because it is the original reason that I had become a Hypnotist in the first place. But it seemed to go on the back burner while I concentrated on hypnotherapy. I suppose that this order was crucial to my learning, and of corse no accident. That being said, I have loaded myself up on great books on the subject of past lives and who better to start with than Dr Brian Weiss! Known mostly for his work with “Catherine” in “Many Lives Many Masters” , Dr Weiss and Catherine not only learn about the effects that past lives have on our present lives- Catherine also received messages from her Masters. She learned immeasurable lessons about (her) life and why we all go through the things we go through.

I am now 3 chapters into “Messages From The Masters” and have decided to share my journey with you because the information in too amazing to pass up. This book is not just one big story but rather a compilation of many amazing experiences and lessons that are brought to Dr Weiss through his clients while in hypnosis.
I will do my best to share some of the highlights and lessons that are in this book as I read it and promise not to make it too long to read ….

So to bring you up to speed…. Who are “The Masters” anyway?

According to Dr Weiss and his findings, The Masters are “highly evolved souls not in physical form”.  While in Hypnosis a client (Catherine included) can remember everything that they experienced-however- The Masters are channeled which is a completely different source. In channeling, The Masters use a physical body to relay important messages about our lives. Most of their messages revolve around love and what it can do to empower us. According to The Masters “Love is the fulcrum of balance in our lives”. It possesses positive feelings, thoughts and actions and negates any negativity and is a true ultimate healer. Quite a concept huh?

So if you would like to read along with me- great! If not, check in on my blog and see what amazing things unfold in this book and the others to come!